Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A word on "Value"

Value' as a concept is relative to each person. The 'value' of a woman (or a relationship with any person) is different for each person observing her. You look at a woman and you place some value on her. That value, if it could be quantified, would be different for every person.

A guy who is already in a happy relationship might not value her very highly because he isn't looking for a girlfriend. A guy who's been single for a long time and is actively looking for a relationship might value her more highly.

This is where the mindset of abundance comes in. If you have 10 girls who want to date you, are you going to be very bothered if one of them finds a different boyfriend and stops showing interest in you? Probably not.

However, if only one girl is interested in you and she finds someone else, it will have a greater negative effect on you.

Supply and demand.

So to answer your question succinctly, no there's nothing else you can do. Have more women in your life.

But to add in a bit more practical advice - my own experience is that if you're trying to meet all your women through cold approaches, it's tough to cultivate enough of them at any one time. I recommend that you build a 'home base' social group which has women in it. That way you'll always have a source of female company even if you haven't met too many girls at bars or whatever. Hunting and farming.

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