Monday, 13 April 2015

Investing in Gold

1. Daily gold gains are capped at 1 percent (limit up) or 2 percent (expanded limit up).
2. Gold isn't allowed to have any follow-through rallies.
3. Gold is attacked at specific times -- 3 a.m. ET, pre-Comex and Comex open, NYSE open, London close, Comex close, 6 p.m. access trade open, and any opportune, thinly traded access markets.
4. Gold is attacked on all significant government data releases, especially the monthly nonfarm payrolls Friday report.
5. Gold is attacked on any ordinarily bullish news -- war, turmoil, economic crises, and Wall Street jitters.
6. Gold is attacked on all significant Comex option expiration and first-notice days, assuring that the maximum number of calls expire worthless, mitigating deliveries.
7. An attack on gold is frequently signaled by attacking either silver, HUI stocks, or both.
8. Flash crashes with no corresponding explanation always keep speculative longs stopped out or in losing positions.
9. New York and London are the centers of gold price suppression, so the London PM fix will be lower or no higher than $5 from the AM fix.
10. Comex margin changes, both higher and lower, are always to the detriment of gold longs.
11. Gold is never allowed to anticipate any bullish developments, nor is it allowed to be a barometer for currency largesse.

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